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The size of the Women's Glass Cutting Department varied between twenty-seven and thirty-five high-spirited artisans, who, according to Clara's letters, liked to call themselves The Tiffany Girls. Here are some of those featured in the novel.

 01 Theresa Baur spacer

Theresa Baur

Born in Brooklyn, daughter of a lithographer father and embroiderer mother; came to work for Tiffany Studios at age 15; lived in Brooklyn with her mother.

"It's because we're women."

 02 Ella Egbert spacer

Ella Egbert

Born in Prairie City, IL, 1865, one of six original workers in the Women's Glass Cutting Department. Left Tiffany Studios at 34 years old to marry the 67-year-old father of a Tiffany Girl, and returned to Tiffany Studios when he died four years later.

 03 Beatrix Hawthorne spacer

Beatrix Hawthorne

Born in England, 1878. Granddaughter of the writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. Came to work at Tiffany Studios at age 25.

"I'm wild about Winslow Homer."

 04 Minnie Henderson spacer

Minnie Henderson

"We're not permitted to see it when it's finished?"

 05 Carrie McNicholl spacer

Carrie McNicholl

Born in New York, 1877; worked at Tiffany Studios until 1930, at first as a selector, and later as a secretary.

"What concessions?"

 06 Mary McVickar spacer

Mary McVickar

Born in Ireland, 1878; came to work for Tiffany Studios at age 22.

"Yur tootin' we will, and won't those scaredy-cat men be ashamed!"

 07 Agnes Northrop spacer

Agnes Northrop

Born in Flushing, NY, 1857, died in New York, 1953. One of the original six workers of the Women's Glass Cutting Department; known for designing floral and landscape windows. Stayed with Tiffany Studios until it closed, and remained active as a designer of leaded windows until age 94.

"You might need some fire in your belly before this is over, so come to me."

 08 Marion Palmié spacer

Marion Palmié

Born in Brooklyn, 1871-74. Daughter of Prussian-born parents; twin to Lillian; worked as a mosaicist.

"I would never have gone anywhere with him if I had known he was a married man."

  09 Anna Ring spacer

Anna Ring

Considered one of the best glass cutters; served as Clara Driscoll's bookkeeper.

"When you take off that skirt tonight, look for the union label. There's nothing undignified in that."

 10 Nellie Warner spacer

Nellie Warner

"Yes, by heaven. We'll do it...To be sure, we're doin' it, and we're doin' it up grand...I'll tell His Majesty he'll have the thing in a blink and he'll faint dead away at its beauties, and I won't be lyin'."

 11 Julia Zevesky spacer

Julia Zevesky

"He's locked up a lot of the time on Blackwell's Island."


Apologies to Alice Gouvy, Wilhelmina Agnes Wilson, and the Misses Byrne, Judd, and Stoney, for whom no photograph was available.

The source of biographical information for this page is A New Light on Tiffany: Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls, by Martin Eidelberg, Nina Gray and Margaret Hofer. New York Historical Society, 2007. Quotations are from Clara and Mr. Tiffany. Photos: details of Tiffany Girls on the Roof of Tiffany Studios, 1904-05, and Theresa Baur, from the collection of The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park, Florida, © Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation, Inc.; Agnes Northrop, Department of Decorative Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art.