Sorolla Painting with dog Funny

Louis Comfort Tiffany in the Garden, by Joaguín Sorolla y Batisda, 1911. The Hispanic Society of America.

Tiffany's dog was named Funny.

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Tiffany's art was vast, original, and dramatic. It embodied the artistic sensibilities of the Gilded Age. His work is most often thought to exemplify Art Nouveau since many of his designs reflect his love for nature--plants, birds, and insects. He was a lover of the sinuous line as well. However, he also absorbed the exoticism of the Aesthetics Movement and drew on motifs of Japan, China, India, Greece, Egypt, Venice, and the Islamic world. A zealous perfectionist, he sought to bring standards of the British Arts and Crafts Movement of William Morris to all of his work--in stained glass, mosaic, tapestry, wood, metal, pottery, enamel, jewelry, oil and watercolor painting--working from a sensual approach in more media than any other artist of his time.

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