The Forest Lover

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Can a person's love of place substitute for more conventional love?

Can a forty-year-old woman travel the Canadian wilderness alone to paint in 1912?

Can a white woman with a paint brush win over a Native community suspicious of outsiders?

Can a woman living at the edge of nowhere bring modern art to the American continent?

Can an unmarried woman give her life to art and be whole and satisfied?

Can Emily Carr?

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The easy, conventional things don't interest her.

Who is such a woman?

Is she foolhardy or wise?

Resilient or easily defeated?

Intolerant or compassionate?

Frigid or passionate?

Just who is The Forest Lover?

Emily Who?

Origin of the Book

Paintings and Passages


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Emily Carr Chronology

First Nations Peoples and Their Totem Poles

Map of Emily's Travels

Places of Interest to Emily Carr Lovers


One of the pleasures of this beguiling novel based on [Emily] Carr's life is the way Vreeland herself has acquired a painter's eye...  
Her robust narrative should do much to establish Carr's significance in the world of modern art.
--Publishers Weekly

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