Cast of Characters


Pascal Roux miner, pigment salesman, frame maker
Jules Roux Pascal's son, died in World War I
André Roux Pascal's grandson, frame maker
Lisette Irène Roux André's wife
Painting of a woman in traditional dress with an orange ochre apron and headscarf and carrying two baskets of bread loaves, found painted on a wall in the Drome department.

My imagined Lisette, found painted on a wall of a garden in Rochegude, not far from Roussillon Image© Marcia M. Mueller

Plump honey vendor at St-Remy market, wearing black beret and red nickerchief, the inspiration for Maurice, photographed by Marcia M. Mueller.

My Inspiration for Maurice, found in the market of St. Rémy
Image© Marcia M. Mueller

In Roussillon

Maurice Chevet bus driver, André and Lisette's friend
Louise Chevet Maurice's wife, Lisette's friend
Odette Gulini The baker's wife
René Gulini Odette's husband, the baker
Sandrine Silvestre Odette's daughter, works in post office
Louis Silvestre Sandrine's husband
Théo Silvestre Sandrine and Louis's young son
Mélanie Vernet Lisette's friend
Émile Vernet Mélanie's husband, owns a vineyard
Mimi Vernet Mélanie and Émile's young daughter
Madame Bonnelly owns a vineyard
Samuel Beckett Résistance worker, the Irish playwright
Jean-David Pinatel First Mayor of Roussillon
Aimé Bonhomme Mayor's secretary, Pascal's boules partner
Monsieur Voisin owner of café
Jérome Cachin grocer
Aloys Biron butcher
Henri Mitan blacksmith
Bernard Blanc Garde champêtre, constable
 Historic photo of Odette Gulini, the baker's wife in Roussillon, standing behind her counter

Photograph of la boulangère, Madame Gulini found in La Boulangerie Gulini in Roussillon: Image© Marcia M. Mueller

Historic photo of Marc and Bella Chagall, formal pose.

photo of Marc and Bella Chagall. 

In Gordes

Marc Chagall Surrealist painter hiding from Nazis
Bella Chagall Marc's wife, Lisette's friend

In Paris

Maxime Legrand André's friend in Paris, art dealer
Héloïse Legrand Maxime's mother
Monsieur Laforgue owner of Galerie Laforgue